Gazelle Classic
28 inch dutch bike
custom conversion to electric auxiliary-motor
Bafang 36 volt front-wheel hub-motor
250 watt
SRAM Automatix 2-speed drive
Shimano roller brakes front/rear
range approx. 50 km

The bicycle manufacturer Koninklijke Gazelle has been producing bicycles in Dieren, the Netherlands, since 1892. The name “Gazelle” is now an international synonym for the classic Dutch bike shape and is cultivated by the brand with tradition. To this end, the manufacturer keeps issuing new editions and variants of the classic – as a top model with a hand-lined frame and mudguards or as a basic model with the simplest of features.

No headwind and no hills.

When I was looking for a roadworthy but visually similar alternative to my vintage Chinese army-bicycle for daily trips to work in 2017, I finally found this black Gazelle Classic with the elongated frame and the horizontal top tube. Functioning lighting, new tires and roller brakes at the front and rear were essential for survival in Berlin’s big city traffic. The weight of almost 30 kilograms is not ideal in stop-and-go, but it also ensures smooth running and driving comfort. I replaced the standard 3-speed hub gear with a 2-speed automatic hub, which automatically shifts to second gear from approx. 19 km / h and back to first when stopping. In spring 2020 I converted the bike with a conversion kit from E-Bike-Solutions from Heidelberg with an electric auxiliary motor to make the daily trips to my workshop (30 km daily) more comfortable. The drive is ideal as a support in combination with the 2-speed automatic. The small and relatively light battery pack has a short range, but it allows you to cover medium distances quickly and comfortably in and around the city.

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