Hanomag R19
farm tractor
front engine, rear-wheel drive, rear hydraulic
1399 ccm 2-cylinder diesel-engine
19 hp
5-speed manual
12 mph
2600 lbs
turquoise green

The German machine and commercial vehicle manufacturer Hannoversche Maschinenbau AG (Hanomag for short) from Hannover-Linden has been manufacturing machines since 1871, especially tractors for agriculture (from 1924). With the emergence of machine farming, the massive use of tractors in rural agriculture began in the early 1950s. The aim was to increase yields significantly and to replace the costly and time-consuming manual labor in the field with the use of agricultural machinery. Many manufacturers offered versatile, reliable and lightweight farm tractors that were also affordable for smaller farms. The Hanomag R19 farm tractor was produced from 1953 to 1957 based on the smaller R16. The vehicle with the 2-cylinder diesel unit is basically identical to the R16, but has a slightly higher compression and engine output of 19 hp.

Tractor without a field.

In spring 2016 I was employed as an architect in a Berlin office and worked in frustration on a residential construction project with 300 residential units. It was precisely in this situation that I saw this piece of jewelry from a tractor. So I made a childhood dream come true out of a spontaneous whim. The tractor was carefully restored and rebuilt by a retired farmer in Austria. When it was delivered, it received a sprung front axle as well as a hydraulic drawbar and a roll bar for use on slopes. With the standard steel-spoke wheels and its distinctive diesel sound, it is the star of the country road and always attracts curious glances. Apart from the lack of reluctance to start at low temperatures, it does its job reliably as a draft horse for our construction trailer and the carriage of the Henschel engine.

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