Gatz “Yoho 2”
Canadian style canoe for 2 paddlers plus luggage
all-fibreglass hull and wooden paddles
linen tarpaulin
length 18 ft
61 lbs

The German company Gatz in Cologne-Dellbrück has been manufacturing Canadian-style canoes since 1961. The use of fiberglass-reinforced plastic made series production possible, which gave the company international recognition and reach. The typical boat shape of the Canadier with the hull open at the top and the good-natured characteristics is ideal as a hiking and excursion boat on rivers and lakes. The “Yoho 2” model came on the market in 1974, offers enough space for two people plus luggage and has a particularly elegant silhouette thanks to the elongated bow tips.

In the flow.

Since we live within walking distance of the Lippe and Ahse rivers in Hamm, we wanted to tackle the long-term project with the occasional canoe trip. At the beginning of 2019 I was therefore on the lookout for an offer in the region again and came across this boat, which was offered in Oelde in acceptable condition and at a good price. After the purchase, it was still in the cellar for a good six months, because first of all winter and rainy spring passed through the country. But on my birthday we took the first exit and it was a revelation. Seen from the water, the river is a different world.

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