Gazelle Safari
28 inch dutch bike
Torpedo 3-speed-hub

The bicycle manufacturer Koninklijke Gazelle has been producing bicycles in Dieren, the Netherlands, since 1892. The name “Gazelle” is now an international synonym for the classic Dutch bike shape and is cultivated by the brand with tradition.

Safari in the university town.

This somewhat older Gazelle bicycle the sonorous name “Safari” and was allegedly last used in the rugged bicycle city jungle in Münster, Westphalia. The bike probably made it possible for a student to have many lectures and parties, trips and shopping. Then it came into the collection as a nursing case in the summer of 2020 and is waiting for a thorough revision. The metallic-green paintwork and the request “FahrRad!” (Go cycling!) may indicate a rebirth of this beautiful women’s bike.

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